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Creative Service

The creativity of our advertising agency in a subscription

The Freischuetz CREATIVE AGENCY team is at your service with its CREATIVE SERVICE.

Visibility and security through a permanently reliable and creative partner. All Freischuetz services in a creative subscription – with personal support. What advantages does this bring for your company?


Creative Service means that Freischuetz acts like your own marketing staff!

Magnetic marketing​ = Measurable success = You gain time for yourself!

Output, score, goals

Freischuetz plans your measures and campaigns well in advance. In addition, we are implementing the plan. Success-oriented and creative.

Already at the beginning of the cooperation you know what we will implement for you in the planned period of time.

Creative Service = creative ideas at a fixed price

Your subscription to Freischuetz – ongoing.

All at a fixed rate!

Security in the return on investment with the Creative Service

Clear announcements from Freischuetz. This is the only way we can really help you: We do things that make measurable sense. Everything else is nonsense.

Previously agreed goals are achieved or even exceeded.

Even more successful with planned marketing

Arrange a free planning session with Freischuetz today!

Creative service in the subscription

Our services - available as a subscription:

Additionally you get:

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Choose now for one of the most creative agencies in north-west Germany. Get measurable output and new customers thanks to Freischuetz CREATIVE SERVICE.

service customers

The following companies are already benefiting from our creative subscription. You have maintained a partnership with the Freischuetz advertising agency for years.

What customers say...

Christian  Hunsmann
Christian HunsmannFreie Christliche Schule Ostfriesland
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“When a product comes from a single source, you can see the optical line. It worked so well that we're sticking with it. We are very grateful and happy about the quality of the work ... Freischuetz feels what suits us."
Holger Glienke
Holger GlienkeKlinikum Leer
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"I am always satisfied with your work. The fact that you have managed to familiarize yourself with our industry shows that you are diverse! Fast and reliable …"

Service Streamline

This is how the creative service of our advertising agency works

A whole day, including preparation and follow-up, belongs to you and your company. Together we develop the new orientation for your marketing and set the first course.

The marketing plan was jointly defined in the strategy day. In addition, it contains a large proportion of content that flows directly into your marketing activities. With this plan we start together into your even more successful future.

Freischuetz takes over the complete implementation of the created marketing plan. Alternatively, if you have free resources for implementation in your company, we can get started together. This is how we work hand in hand. Freischuetz is at your side with advice and action for your marketing activities. Monthly reports show you what Freischuetz has done for your company.

The monthly results of online marketing, social media and other marketing activities are compiled in meaningful KPIs and presented to your company. We derive optimizations for the marketing plan from these figures. These optimizations were implemented directly in the following months.

Creative Service

Three example tariffs

Our CREATIVE SERVICE is very individual. These three tariffs do not suit every company. We take the time and work out the best service package for your business. The prices listed here may therefore vary.

Print & Online Marketing Service

  • New brochures & Flyer: design and content creation
  • Development of new mailing ideas
  • Integration of content into the online world: content for newsletters, websites & Prepare social media
  • An in-house shoot of services, products and employees every 3 months – implemented by professional photographers.
  • with many employees who keep them informed
  • with stationary retail
  • from the tourism and hotel industry
  • with regular events

campaign service

  • monthly jour fixe
  • One campaign per month
  • Development of offers and content
  • Additional value-added content for customer retention
  • Funnel-based campaigns – integrative:
    online: e-mail marketing, building a newsletter, social media, web shop
    offline: flyers, mailings, etc.
    below the line: POS, trade fairs, guerrilla marketing, trade fairs
  • with high market pressure
  • with stationary retail and online shop
  • who sell in the B2C sector

brand building

  • monatlicher Jour Fixe
  • Entwicklung von Content- und Gestaltungsideen
  • Content-Marketing
    – Social Media
    – E-Mail-Marketing
    – Bilder / Videos
  • PR-Kampagnen
    – Artikel verfassen und in relevanten Medien/Zeitschriften platzieren
  • Bewertungs-Marketing (mehr gute Kundenbewertungen für Ihr Unternehmen im Internet)
  • who want to improve their image
  • who want to decide for themselves what is reported about them
  • with insufficient market penetration
  • Institutions from the NGO sector
  • who want to receive more applications from potential employees.

These rates are just three examples. What is your perfect tariff?

Our customers love our CREATIVE SERVICE:

The CREATIVE SERVICE team will answer your questions:

The team behind the creative service

One person from our team is your permanent contact for the Freischuetz CREATIVE SERVICE you have booked. This person is most familiar with the services you have booked.

Hauke Phillipp

Online marketing & concept management

Germar Claus

Concept & Design

customers votes

It doesn’t matter what we say: what counts in the end is what our customers think of our services. Here are a few customer opinions on our work – taken from our ongoing interview series.

Peter Hackmann
Peter HackmannMEYER WERFT
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"Meyer Werft has been working with Freischuetz since 2008... Very successfully, especially in the print media area."
Anja Lid
Anja LidReederei herbert Ekkenga
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“We have to bridge the gap between older and younger passengers. Freischuetz can bridge this gap very well.”
Christian Wandscher
Christian WandscherPark der Gärten
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“We always need fresh new ideas during the season. We were able to implement this together with the Freischuetz advertising agency.”
Tea or coffee?

Register for a free planning meeting at our advertising agency in Leer (East Friesland). Together we will find out which service package suits your company best.

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