Many of our customers do not have a fixed corporate design. But they commission us with a wide range of design services at regular or irregular intervals. Thanks to our consistent way of working and our own demands on the design for our customers, as a service provider we naturally ensure that everything looks as if it were made from one piece. This is an essential part of corporate communication. Because consistent and good design creates a high recognition value and thus a higher value for the brand.

Why do I need a corporate design?
Many of our customers do not have a defined corporate design and commission design services from us at regular or irregular intervals. Thanks to our consistent way of working and our own demands on the design for our customers, as a service provider we naturally ensure that everything looks as if it were made from one piece. This is a key part: the design creates a desired reaction in the viewer, triggers associations and, at best, inspires enthusiasm for a brand. And that’s ultimately what a good and consistent corporate design is all about: it helps to sell better.

Design is not a matter of taste but of purpose.
Some of our customers also give design services to other service providers, such as advertising technicians, newspaper publishers, media designers, web designers, car wrappers or trade fair designers. That’s perfectly fine with us. Especially since some of these service providers may be able to do the work to be done cheaper or faster than we can.

But what we notice again and again is that these service providers usually realize their own ideas of how the company should be presented. So it is not uncommon for colors, shapes, fonts or imagery to be interpreted completely differently than we have implemented in many of our orders. This can also be seen in completely different companies that are not our customers.

What is the justification for this distinction? This can be for reasons of taste or simply the inability of the various service providers to correctly interpret the existing design. From our point of view, however, design is not a question of taste, but reflects the visual appearance of our customers. Design is therefore one of the first (unconscious) triggers for a purchase decision.

This is how you burn marketing budget
An appearance is the result of all outward activities. Or to put it more simply: Every point of contact leaves an impression. And what do you mean? Shouldn’t every point of contact deliver the same positive message?

An example:
The website of a medium-sized craft company gives the impression of a reputable and very competent service provider that provides a service that is really unique in its industry. The website was created by an agency specializing in web design.

The company gets a new company vehicle and has it designed and pasted by an advertising technology company. The advertising technology company’s suggestion has very little to do with the impression left by visiting the website. The company vehicle looks simple and very neutral. Fonts were used that are used by almost every company, color and shape also do not allow any special conclusions about the branch.

But how do you design a car to look like the website?

If you’re asking yourself that, then you’re more concerned with the form than the expression and feel the website conveys.

If the customer likes the design of the company vehicle, the advertising technology company implements it accordingly! It’s all about the taste. And this is exactly what can ultimately make the work of a professional design agency worthless.

Why is corporate design important?
Nowadays, the visual stimuli and influences are particularly great. This is why a professionally implemented corporate design is so important. Because it creates the same feelings for ALL points of contact with your company. And thus a continuous impression, even over a longer period of time. Many of your customers may only buy from you once a year or less unless you work in an industry with fast moving products. So you have to constantly work on making a good impression in order not to lose the attention of your customers.

What does a corporate design include?
First of all: the corporate design is a component of the corporate identity (CI for short). The corporate identity is the outward and inward appearance – in other words: it is aimed at the customers, but also at the employees (keyword “employer branding”).

The terms corporate design and corporate identity are often confused or mistaken for one and the same thing. But the corporate identity consists of much more than just design. For example, corporate behavior is part of the CI: How do employees behave towards each other and towards customers?

Corporate identity also includes Facebook posts, the appearance of the company building, including the parking lot, and e-mails. And so much more: Everything that has to do with communication influences the appearance of a company. If you are negligent in some areas, this also has a negative effect on the image of the company.

And here we are again with the corporate design.

How does the corporate design office freischuetz deal with this topic?
When a customer commissions freischuetz to develop a corporate design, we have our very own, pragmatic process, which is preceded by an inventory, a creative meeting and a branding phase.

Are you interested in a new corporate design? Then take a look at our CREATIVE SERVICE.