Individual facade painting for a wide variety of purposes.

graffiti orders

Urban art style facade design with art from a spray can


Graffiti and facade paintings

Freischuetz offers companies and private individuals the implementation of large-scale murals.

This is how we work

Here is some background information on the implementation of your individual graffiti facade

  • Concrete & stone walls
  • Halls & garage doors
  • Container (possibly after attaching plates)
  • Other surfaces by arrangement (screens, glass surfaces, banners, etc.)
  • Do you already have ideas that we should interpret and realize? Then we’ll meet, gladly directly at the object and talk directly about the implementation.
  • You still have no idea? We will find the right motifs! Before implementation, we create sketches, graphics and compositions. After your approval, we’ll get started.
  • All colors are purchased by us after the motif has been approved and are included in the total price.
  • We only use paints specially developed for the creation of graffiti, which ensure long-lasting color brilliance.


our customers say

“Thank you for the hard work. The motifs look awesome. The entire cooperation, from the joint development of the motif to the artistic implementation, went flawlessly and is definitely recommended.”

Timo Fischbach

EASYFITNESS Leer | Club Manager

„Die Nessebrücke war über viele Jahre Opfer etlicher Schmierereien. Dank der Zusammenarbeit mit Freischuetz und Malte Schneider haben Jugendliche der Stadt Leer im Rahmen eines Graffiti-Workshops einen echten Hingucker geschaffen. Die Reaktionen sind durchweg positiv!“

Ulrike Lübbers

Head | Youth center in Leer

“We were looking for a creative facade design for our warehouse in the industrial area. We liked Freischuetz’s motif idea right from the start – we were thrilled with the artistic implementation! The picture creates a connection to the city of Leer and enhances the appearance of our warehouse at the same time.”

Karsten Dunayski

AQUA – Perrey GmbH | Shareholders

facade painting

Example commissioned work

Whether indoors or outdoors, large areas or special niches: Such a graffiti facade picture by Freischuetz is a special eye-catcher.

development process

This is how your motif is created

We need about 1-2 weeks from the draft to the implementation (depending on the motif and complexity). Here are three examples that show what a design and the resulting facade image or graffiti look like:

From the blank wall

To the finished work of art

Using the example of farmer Dieter Bronn's barn facade, you can see how a unique graffiti is created step by step:

Leere Wand

cleaned and taped

Step 1

Attachment Doodle Grid

Step 2


Step 3

work out the finer points


A new work of art

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With a love for graffiti

The creative minds for your facade image

Germar Claus


Graffiti Artist since 1995. He works on the wall himself. His stage name: SHAKE!

Hauke Phillipp


Developed with Germar motif ideas. Ensures smooth and timely implementation.

Tobias Meyer


Graffiti artist since 2003. Experience him on your wall under his stage name “Zick”!

We make your facade unique:

Do you have any questions?

here are the answers:

If your question is not answered here, you can contact us at any time. We look forward to talking to you!

Germar always has a rule of thumb ready: an area of ​​2×2 meters is around €750. The price varies depending on the size and complexity of the motifs and other conditions. Other factors:

  • Requires a lift truck?
  • Preparation necessary?
  • Would you like full-surface painting or just the placement of objects?
  • How fast should the motif be finished?

On well-prepared surfaces, the application of paint and the brilliance can be around 8-10 years. An additional seal ensures even longer durability. It is best if we make an appointment on site so that Germar can assess it.

We use paints that are water-based, nitro-based and synthetic resin-based. Aerosols are also included here. We achieve the greatest protection for the environment through our adequate disposal of empty paint cans.

The smallest area is 3 square meters. There are no limits to the top.

Basically yes. However, it should be clear beforehand that you cannot apply photo wallpaper or printed canvas to the wall.

In addition, there is our artistic claim: We are happy to reinterpret the desired photo motifs. This is how particularly independent and creative motifs are created.

Naturally! We develop creative ideas for your facade. In a joint preliminary discussion, we can approach possible image ideas. Everything else happens at the workplaces of our creative minds on Hafenstrasse. Here you can rely on the imagination and creativity of Freischuetz.

As of August 11, 2021

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