With customers and partners of the advertising agency freischuetz from Leer Ostfriesland

What makes working with the Freischuetz advertising agency so special?

Peter Hackmann (Head of Corporate Communications)

In this interview, Peter Hackmann (Head of Corporate Communications at MEYER WERFT) describes what the PR department of the shipyard does and what contribution our advertising agency makes to it.

Peter Hackmann is available to answer questions about topics such as speed, creativity and reliability. He makes it clear that Freischuetz has been your reliable service provider for over 10 years.

Holger Glienke (Managing Director)

Interview with Holger Glienke, Managing Director of the Leer Clinic: What makes the clinic group so special for the region? Holger Glienke explains more about the cooperation with our advertising agency and the added value of Freischuetz’s creative service for the clinic.

Jörg Kollecker (Managing Director)

Managing Director Jörg Kollecker talks about Martin Maschinen Vertrieb GmbH. Find out what the Bad Zwischenahn company offers you: Here you will find exactly the right tools for working on hedges, lawns and in your garden.

You will also find out what our advertising agency has done for MMV so far and why things from Freischuetz could be printed directly.

Christian Wandscher (Managing Director)

In our interview with Christian Wandscher, find out what makes the Park of Gardens so special.

In addition, the managing director of the Park of the Gardens describes the project that our advertising agency has implemented for the Park of the Gardens: Freischuetz is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the website of the Bad Zwischenahn guest magnet, which is rich in content.

Anja Lid (board member)

In this interview with Anja Lid – the only director of the shipping company that operates the ships on the Zwischenahner Meer – you can find out what Freischuetz has done and continues to do for the “White Fleet“. Woman power in a leadership team! Freischuetz thinks that’s really good too!

In this interview, our customer explains why she uses the
Services of our advertising agency so satisfied and what
makes our work so special.

Christian Hunsmann (Principal)

In this video you will get to know the director of the free Christian school in East Friesland (FCSO). He tells us what the school in the region has for an immense attraction and how many students go to school here.

Also: What did Freischuetz contribute to this and why does Mr. Hunsmann want to continue working with the advertising agency from Leer?

Manfred Müller (CEO)

In this interview, Manfred Müller describes what is behind the EMS-Fehn-Group and how the EMS-Fehn-Group asserts itself in the market with diversity.

In addition, the CEO of the EMS-Fehn-Group explains why longevity is so important to him and what Freischuetz, as an advertising agency, does for the group of companies in this sense.