Magnetic Marketing Mastery:
A Comprehensive Master Plan

At Freischuetz, we craft all-encompassing marketing strategies, utilizing both digital and traditional channels, to drive customer acquisition.
You’ll receive a tested, year-long concept tailored to your business’s goals.

“Unleashing the Power of Creativity: Tailored Solutions for Success“

We plan creatively and with foresight

Future-Focused Creativity: A Strategic Planning Approach

For the success of our customers, we combine our strongest skills: creativity and vision.

Is your industry not included? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’ll tailor our concepts to your specific services and offerings.


Our workshop is the basis for our advice and concept development. The duration of the workshop can be from 4 hours to one day – depending on the scope of the topics. Our workshop is based on the defined goal.

We work together to develop specific opportunities, target group profiles and creative ideas.

We also share in-depth knowledge and experience on marketing and advertising here.

Comprehensive Conceptual Crowning: The Ultimate Solution

After the workshop, we develop the most important part of our consulting service: The concept… we call it the master plan.

In this phase, the processing, research and preparation of analyzes takes place. Instructions, examples of graphics and concrete marketing content complete our creative consulting.

Concrete strategies
for your business

The Freischuetz master plan:

  • (Online) campaigns
  • Marketing Processes
  • New customer acquisition

This is the only way we can really help you: You get to know ways that make measurable sense. Everything else is nonsense.

Suitable tools for your business:

Our consulting service includes a workshop in which you will learn how to use the tools most successfully.

In addition, we offer you further workshops for

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • WordPress & online stores
  • Google My Business
  • Email Marketing

Your team of consultants

We always do our advice in pairs:

Hauke ​​Phillipp & Germar Claus

Direct access to extensive knowledge:

Online marketing
Social media
Corporate Design
Brand strategy
Content marketing

Hauke Phillipp


Germar Claus


Customer opinions

Christian  Hunsmann
Christian HunsmannFreie Christliche Schule Ostfriesland
“When a product comes from a single source, you can see the optical line. It worked so well that we're sticking with it. We are very grateful and happy about the quality of the work ... Freischuetz feels what suits us."
Holger Glienke
Holger GlienkeKlinikum Leer
"I am always satisfied with your work. The fact that you have managed to familiarize yourself with our industry shows that you are diverse! Fast and reliable …"
Tea or coffee?

Sign up for a free planning session. Together we will find out what the workshop should contain.


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